Be part of a Small Act of Kindness

Our Small Act of Kindness bookshelves are a simple idea. 
Community Bees put a stocked bookshelf in a local shop or organisation and anyone who wants to take a book gives a small donation. We restock the bookshelf regularly and keep it tidy. Any donations given are put towards supporting isolated people with a Small Act of Kindness. 

A Small Act of Kindness might be helping a person who we have helped to declutter their house, who feels apprehensive about going out, so we do some shopping for them. It might be for someone who needs a lightbulb changing, but for whom getting a handyman out to do it is prohibitively expensive. It could well be moving furniture around for someone to prevent a fall in the future.

We are recycling books, giving people the opportunity to get an affordable regular read and supporting isolated people at the same time! We love it. But to make it successful and support as many people as possible we need your help. 

Stock a Kindness Bookshelf 

At the moment we have bookshelves in Coops and small Sainsburys, but we want to get them in as many places as possible. If you are a store or organisation, or know of one, who would like to have a Kindness bookshelf, please get in touch with Michaela on

“We love the idea of making Small Acts of Kindness Sustainable. We are recycling books, giving people a cheap regular read and putting any donations it doing little things that make a big difference.”

Kindness Volunteers 

We need volunteers to make this happen. If you have the time to ask businesses and stores whether they would take ‘Small Act of Kindness’ bookshelf, that would be brilliant!  We also need volunteer to help us managing the bookshelves – refilling and making sure they are tidy. You could take on one bookshelf that is in a store close to you, or go around lots of stores and restock and keep it tidy, whatever suits you. 

Please get in touch to get involved.