National Lottery fund Community Bees’ hoarding support

Community Bees have recently been awarded three years’ funding from the National Lottery. They will receive £27k each year to reduce isolation and loneliness specifically concentrating on the hoarding problem in York.  Community Bees are delighted to be recognised by the lottery for the work they do and are keen to support more and more […]

Ending the stigma around hoarding

In this blog Michaela Shaw, the founder of Community Bees, attempts to explain what hoarding is and to dispel the myth that people who hoard are ‘just lazy’.  Hoarding is, in fact, a much more complex issue.  So what is hoarding?   Is it an illness? Is it laziness?  Is it hereditary?  Michaela has been […]

Transforming the home and wellbeing of an anxious hoarder

Heather’s story: Following the death of her father, Heather was anxious, lonely and isolated. She was also living amongst a mountain of clutter. Community Bees helped her declutter her home which turned out to be the start of transforming her whole life.  Michaela of Community Bees started working with Heather 18 months ago. Heather had […]

From being supported, to supporting others

Ellie’s story: Ellie is a single parent who struggles with anxiety and low self esteem, particularly in the pandemic when her usual networks were unavailable. Through regular walking, supportive chat and being there in difficult circumstances, Community Bees helped her turn her life around Ellie’s Mum approached Michaela during the first lockdown saying her daughter, who […]

Community Bees Coronavirus Update: January 2021

Community Bees is closely monitoring the current government guidelines and WHO recommendations regarding the coronavirus pandemic.  We are constantly assessing how we can fulfil our mission to reduce loneliness and social isolation and to provide a lifeline of activities and support for those people experiencing it, as safely as possible.  As the pandemic directly impacts the people […]

Bringing support conveniently to the local store

The story of The Shop that Talks: Community Bees run a monthly support and social session, The Shop that Talks,  directly in Haxby Co-op.  Recognising that many people in society were lonely, vulnerable and needed support, and that everyone used their local store, Community Bees approached the Co-op, along with Dementia Forward to act as […]

Bringing joy to a couple through craft activities in their own garden

Maria & John’s Story: Maria and John are an older York couple in their 50s and 60s. John has Alzheimer’s and Maria uses a wheelchair. As well as his wife, Maria is his full time carer.  Unable to go to any Social Clubs through shielding during lockdown, Maria was feeling trapped in her own home […]

Growing in confidence through growing a garden

Cecilia’s story: Following a major accident some time ago, Cecilia, a Mum in her early 30s had been through a lot of trauma and was experiencing poor mental health. A Mum to her nine year old son, Cecilia stayed at home all day and was very isolated. She did not have the confidence, or the […]

Transforming 27 tonnes of rubbish back into a home

Sylvie’s story: Sylvie, a York woman in her 60s, had not let anyone, not even her own family, into her home for almost 20 years.  Her neighbours, Craig and Sarah, noticed that she never put her dustbin out for collection, and that she would sit outside on her front doorstep for hours at a time […]