Ending the stigma around hoarding

In this blog Michaela Shaw, the founder of Community Bees, attempts to explain what hoarding is and to dispel the myth that people who hoard are ‘just lazy’.  Hoarding is, in fact, a much more complex issue.  So what is hoarding?   Is it an illness? Is it laziness?  Is it hereditary?  Michaela has been […]

Transforming the home and wellbeing of an anxious hoarder

Heather’s story: Following the death of her father, Heather was anxious, lonely and isolated. She was also living amongst a mountain of clutter. Community Bees helped her declutter her home which turned out to be the start of transforming her whole life.  Michaela of Community Bees started working with Heather 18 months ago. Heather had […]