Marjorie: Never Forgotten

Remembering Marjorie

Everyone at Community Bees is missing the lovely Marjorie. Always on the move, Marjorie was an absolute love, a friend to many and didn’t stand still for one minute!   She absolutely loved a tombola.    Marjorie is sadly missed at our Friday group at St Lukes and we send our condolences to all her […]

Turning Matthew’s life around

Matthews flat before and after

From a rubbish-filled obstacle course into a cosy home At the Age of 51 3/4 Matthew is a lovely man. He worked all his life, was relatively happy  – your average every day middle-aged man. But when an illness struck him he lost his way and got into the habit of regular drinking. His mood […]

Be part of a Small Act of Kindness

Our Small Act of Kindness bookshelves are a simple idea.  Community Bees put a stocked bookshelf in a local shop or organisation and anyone who wants to take a book gives a small donation. We restock the bookshelf regularly and keep it tidy. Any donations given are put towards supporting isolated people with a Small Act of Kindness.  […]

Hints & Tips to clean your home using everyday affordable items

Michaela and the Community Bees want to share some of their household cleaning secrets, using affordable everyday items, so that you can clean your house cheaply and keep things smelling peachy. WHITE VINEGAR – Cleaning product White vinegar makes an excellent cleaning product, especially for sinks, stainless steel and for down the toilet! You can […]

Gaining confidence and wellbeing again after years of anguish

Heather can clean her house these days, something she hadn’t been able to do for years. That’s because since Michaela of Community Bees became her food shopper and supported her in her meal planning she has lost a massive 3.5 stone. Heather is now at a weight she hasn’t been at for years and she […]