Gaining confidence and wellbeing again after years of anguish

Heather can clean her house these days, something she hadn’t been able to do for years. That’s because since Michaela of Community Bees became her food shopper and supported her in her meal planning she has lost a massive 3.5 stone.

Heather is now at a weight she hasn’t been at for years and she feels good.

She has been through a lot in her life, had become lazy and withdrawn- something she would readily admit herself – and then fell into a depression.  Doing basic house chores became too much and the clutter in her house, and the weight, crept on.

She felt lonely and isolated, no longer saw her friends and didn’t know where to turn. 

With the support of Community Bees, she has started to turn her life around. 

Community Bees worked alongside her to declutter her home, slowly peeling away years of anguish along the way, and now Heather smiles every time they walk through the door. 

But decluttering is usually just the start of someone’s journey to better mental health and wellbeing. Helping Heather make better choices about the food she bought and the meals she cooked was paramount to her feeling better about herself. She now is confident enough to join Michaela and they shop together. 

Recently Heather celebrated her 60th birthday with Afternoon Tea at a local cafe with friends and it was a real joy.

“I haven’t been out with friends for as long as I can remember. This is beautiful and I can not thank you enough. I didn’t think I would do this again in my life.”

Heather’s next plan is to lose another stone by Christmas so that she and Michaela can visit the magical Christmas Markets together.

What a great goal to have.