Growing in confidence through growing a garden

Cecilia’s story: Following a major accident some time ago, Cecilia, a Mum in her early 30s had been through a lot of trauma and was experiencing poor mental health.

A Mum to her nine year old son, Cecilia stayed at home all day and was very isolated. She did not have the confidence, or the want to, get out and about. 

Although lucky enough to have a back garden, it was overgrown with weeds. Cecilia couldn’t even think about maintaining it, even though she knew it wasn’t fit for her son to play in, or even safely be in. She just didn’t have the will. 

“It was so overgrown, I am talking crazy jungle here, you couldn’t even walk down the path.”

But when Cecilia looked out of her window, she felt even worse. The garden weighed down on her. All she saw were weeds and she didn’t feel connected with nature or even her own self. 

She felt very isolated and lonely, and very low. She knew she wasn’t the doing the best she could for her or her son. Cecilia was at an all-time low.

About a year ago, she plucked up the courage to contact Community Bees asking if they could help her with her garden.

They agreed on days when Cecilia felt well enough, they would develop the garden side by side, Cecilia helping alongside them.

They started by clearing the garden, went on to re-lawn it, and are now in the process of painting all the fences and adding outside light and planting flowers. 

Together they are developing a garden fit for her little boy and herself to enjoy. 

Their time together also was an opportunity to chat, build up a friendship and alleviate some of the loneliness and isolation Cecilia was feeling. The work and connection gave her purpose and something to look forward to.

“They not only started to tackle the garden, but they helped me communicate. Their support enabled me to step first out of the house, and then out of the garden.”

Community Bees continues to work, helping Cecilia and her young son. 

Cecilia explained how when you start to recover from trauma, you find connecting with nature and the outside world soothing too. That it gives you hope. 

Now when she looks out of her window, she sees her beautiful garden.

“When I see the garden starting to grow, and starting to look well, in some ways it felt that it was representing me, as I was starting to feel less isolated and less lonely.”

The support and garden clean up from Community Bees has transformed Cecilia’s life. 

She is much happier than when they first met and as they meet more and work together, Cecilia has more and more ideas for what she wants us to do together, planning the next task, which gives her motivation, greatly improving her mental health. 

“It is like having an extra room for my son and I to enjoy.”

Cecila can’t recommend Community Bees enough. Having a friendship with Michaela, someone to chat to and connect with has built her confidence, and she is very grateful. 

“I want to reach out to others who may be struggling like I was and get them to reach out to Community Bees to help them connect again with themselves and life.
Thank you for all your input and dedication. It’s made a huge difference to our life.” 

And Michaela sees a woman, and her son, who have blossomed.

“Cecilia is beautiful young woman, with a little boy she wants the best for.  And she is well on her way.”
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Cecilia is fortunate to get support, but there are many other people who would benefit from our services. We rely on personal donations and grants to fund this project. 
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