Hints & Tips to clean your home using everyday affordable items

Michaela and the Community Bees want to share some of their household cleaning secrets, using affordable everyday items, so that you can clean your house cheaply and keep things smelling peachy.

WHITE VINEGAR – Cleaning product

White vinegar makes an excellent cleaning product, especially for sinks, stainless steel and for down the toilet!

You can buy a bottle already diluted (mixed with water and ready to be used for cleaning) , or a bottle of white vinegar and mix it in equal parts with water.  Either option is about 99p.

If you want to make it smell nice, add a few drops of lavender oil – or the oil of your choice. 

Spray it on a surface and wipe it down! 

Hey Presto, clean, sterilised surfaces with no chemicals.

Also great for removing those urine stains, especially round the rim of the toilet.

Extra tip: Use your pumice stone to get rid of lime scale around your taps. Just rub it and it will come away!

LEMON – Clean a microwave

Microwave a bit grubby? Mix the juice of half a  lemon  into a cup of filled half with water. Pop it in the microwave and put it on for three minutes. Leave it in there for another three minutes, then open the door and wipe with a clean cloth. 

Extra tip: Put half a lemon in the fridge to keep it fresh and smelling nice.


Tear up an old flannelette sheet and use as polishing cloths for windows and mirrors and for dusting! 

EARBUDS – Groove cleaners

Perfect for cleaning in the grooves of windows and doors.

WASHING POWDER – Cleaning product

Put a cap of washing powder in a bowl of warm water and refresh your pans clearing all those stains or stubborn marks.


Keep in your kitchen cupboard its useful for stain removal when it is made in to a paste with a little warm water. 

SALT – Stain absorber

Great for absorbing stains like blood, and wine, it stops the substance entering the fabric making is easy to remove. 

TALCUM POWDER – Grease mark remover

Add the talcum powder to the grease mark and leave to let it absorb the grease, wash of and rub neat washing up liquid then put in the washing machine. 


May 2022 – New Hints and Tips!

NEWSPAPER for gleaming glass

Scrunched up newspaper and a bit of elbow grease will buff glass to a gleaming shine. 

SALT & VINEGAR for tea stains

A paste of salt and vinegar will remove tea stains from china 

BAKING SODA for glass

Use a little baking soda to remove tarnish from glass

VINEGAR for microwave cleaning

To clean the inside of a microwave, place a suitable bowl half full of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar inside the microwave. Turn on for five minutes 

POTATO WATER for stain removal

Use potatoe water to clean stains from fabric or carpets. 

Instructions: Grate two peeled potatoes into one pint of water and strain, pushing hard on the sieve to get as much liquid through as possible. leave the solution to settle then use a damp sponge to apply to the stain. Rinse with clean water or, on a carpet, dab with a dry clean cloth.