National Lottery fund Community Bees’ hoarding support

Community Bees have recently been awarded three years’ funding from the National Lottery. They will receive £27k each year to reduce isolation and loneliness specifically concentrating on the hoarding problem in York. 

Community Bees are delighted to be recognised by the lottery for the work they do and are keen to support more and more people who suffer from hoarding and the affects of it. 

But they need more support. The lottery requires match funding of the amount awarded and Community Bees are keen to hear from potential donors, sponsors  and supporters. 

The lottery were impressed with Community Bees place as an anchor organisation in York’s voluntary sector. They said 

“Community Bees have recognised the voice of the community is paramount to their organisation, they ensure they are at the heart of the community involvement in everything they do.
What jumps out to me about this project is how important the power of connection, laughter and conversation is to their approach in supporting the most vulnerable who often have nowhere else to turn.”

The funding is already being used to support people de-clutter their houses. The first person who received this support part-funded by the Lottery said

Thank you so much for your invaluable help. It has set me up to get the place sorted. I still have a lot to do, but your support has given me an invaluable kickstart. 

Community Bees are running an event ‘Hoarding: York’s unspoken problem’  to highlight how severe the issue is in York and talk about the support and funding needed to help the people affected.  

Come along on Thursday 21st October at 10am to York Explore to get informed. 

If you would like to support Community Bees with Match Funding, get in touch with Michaela directly on 07772 107763