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From June 2020 to March 2021 we supported 134 vulnerable people thanks to the generosity of our supporters and funders.

Support us to support others 

From June 2020 to March 2021, even with lockdown and Covid looming large, we supported 134 people with decluttering, deep cleaning, garden crafts and chats, shopping and garden cleanups. That’s up from supporting 108 people in the whole of 2019 before Covid.  

As a small, local organisation, Community Bees relies on the generosity of its supporters to enable us to keep providing that lifeline of activities and support for our most isolated people.

Donations make the work of Community Bees possible. Donations reduces loneliness and improves lives. 

There are different ways you can contribute and no donation is too large or too small.

Regular Giving

Set up a direct debit to become a Regular Giver. It is an easy process and much appreciated.  Simply fill in the enclosed Regular Giving Form and send to your bank.


Come together as colleagues or a community to fundraise for us, your local worthy cause.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Show you care about the local community and make your staff feel good by sponsoring Community Bees.

Instore Bucket Donations

Put our donation buckets on your tills for just one day and make an enormous difference, most probably to some of your local customers.

Leaving a gift in your will

Leave a gift in your will or use our collection envelopes at memorial services to prevent loneliness for future generations. 


Volunteer your time to bring joy to disadvantaged people in your local community. Find out more about our volunteering opportunities.   

Get in touch 

To support Community Bees in whatever way works best for you,  contact Michaela on 07772 107 763

Choose us as your Co-op local cause

We are part of the Coo-op Local Community Fund. If you are already a member you can choose Community Bees as your cause. That means every time you make a purchase at any local Co-op people who are lonely and isolated will benefit.

Donate directly from your bank

You can easily set up a direct debit directly from your bank account by filling in this simple Donations Form

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