We are always on the look out for new volunteers who can help support lonely and isolated people.  

Our volunteering opportunities are varied and flexible and suitable for men and women of all ages. Some of our volunteering requires a regular commitment, but other opportunities are just once-in-a-blue-moon. So no matter what your availability is, get in touch.

Is there something that suits your skills?

Small Act of Kindness Volunteers

We need people who will go around shops and organisations asking if they would like a Kindness bookshelf. We provide the bookshelf and the books, restocking them regularly and any donations they get we put towards our Small Act of Kindness programme.

We also need volunteers to go around and restock and keep the bookshelves tidy.

Odd-Job Volunteers

Irregular short volunteering to help lift heavy items like beds and furniture, when we are tidying and decluttering homes and gardens.

Chatty Volunteers

Friendly people required for either weekly doorstep chats with local people, or monthly to help out at The shop that Talks, a social and support service we offer at the Co-op Stores in Haxby and Poppleton.

Funding Volunteers

Have you a way with words? Do you know how to write funding applications? We would love some help in writing grant applications to apply for funding to ensure we can support as many people as possible.

Craft Volunteers

Perhaps you are sociable and crafty? We always need people who can do crafts alongside the people we support. They partake in all manner of crafts like painting, woodwork, felting and modelling.

Want to volunteer? 

If you are interested in volunteering with Community Bees, please fill in the Volunteer Application Form and send it to michaela.communitybees@gmail.com

For further information contact Michaela directly on 07772 107763