Turning Matthew’s life around

From a rubbish-filled obstacle course into a cosy home

At the Age of 51 3/4 Matthew is a lovely man. He worked all his life, was relatively happy  – your average every day middle-aged man. But when an illness struck him he lost his way and got into the habit of regular drinking. His mood darkened, his outlook on life changed, he no longer cared about his own wellbeing or the state of his home. His house became full of ‘rubbish’ making it impossible to move around and use the rooms in an everyday way. 

He got in touch with Community Bees through his Local Area Coordinator and feels blessed that Michaela and Alan have come into his life. He claims they have helped turn his flat from a ‘rubbish-filled obstacle course into a cosy home’. 

“Community Bees have helped me in so many ways over the short time I have known them. I can now move around it and get to everything in my kitchen with ease. They got rid of masses of rubbish, cleaned up my kitchen, plumbed in my washing machine (that had been new and unused for the past few years) have hung up curtains (that I have never had before!) and helped get me some furniture. 

Decluttering a house of rubbish

Matthew loved the way Michaela and Alan worked so well together, chatting away, being daft and funny and roasting each other. He claimed they were hard working and driven, at the same time as being caring and considerate and hilariously funny. Not to mention being resourceful. 

“Even though there are only 2 of them, they work like a whole swarm of busy bees.” He also found them really easy to talk to as they took their time with him, reassuring him and including him in the process. 

“They always make me feel like there is no problem that they can’t tackle.”

And it’s not just his home they have turned around. Matthew now feels much more confident in himself, that he can go out and about with purpose when before he felt his life was stagnating. His wellbeing has improved considerably, life is worth living again, despite everything not being perfect. 

“Each time they have visited me I feel more confident about moving forward. It has made such a huge difference already in my life. Even though I still have many problems, it’s like they are lessened now because of the Community Bees’ help. 
“I feel blessed.”

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