Two simple ‘Acts of Kindness’ that improved lives

At Community Bees we’re hands-on, upbeat and non-judgmental and in last week we received two calls for help that we were more than happy to answer. We do many ‘Acts of Kindness’ throughout the year. In 2023 we did 76 of them!

Act of Kindness 1:

We recieved a call in the evening to ask of help for a person who’d faced circumstances that meant they were left without bedding, food or warmth. At Community Bees we’re fortunate that thanks to our community partners, we have a stock of foodbank and warm items. We were able to drop off warm bedding and pillows, a food parcel, and a kettle, and stay for a chat to reassure them. It meant they were able to have a comfortable and warm place to sleep, as well as a few days without worrying about food. We have continued to stay in touch with the person and trying to help how we can.

Act of Kindness 2:

When we provide hoarding support, it’s never just about clearing the house of clutter – it’s about making their house a safe home again. One of our clients told us that she’d been without a toilet seat for many years. We were able to get a soft-close seat fitted for her and she is thrilled! It shows that no matter how small we may think an ‘Act of Kindness’ is, it has the power to improve someones life.