Advice & Guidance

Community Bees give personalised advice and guidance to improve the health and wellbeing of people, improve the safety and security of their homes and to enable them to live independently again with purpose and joy.

We also help people fill in forms, reach out for further support, make calls and source items for them to make everyday tasks, and life,  more manageable.

Tasks we do for people include:

  • Identifying and removing hazards to prevent trips and falls
  • Advice on fire prevention and fire and smoke alarms
  • Helping to fill in forms, like PIP
  • Helping to contact and switch energy suppliers where needed
  • Advising on how to keep homes warm and more energy efficient
  • Contacting the Occupational Therapy Department for support with aided equipment
  • Establishing the right department within the Council to assist an individual’s needs
  • Passing on information and details of support through other care agencies and charities like Alzheimer’s, Dementia Forward and Age UK
  • Providing advice on mobility aids
  • Informing people how they can support their physical health, for example through free Move the Masses workouts
  • Encouraging people to exercise and advise on healthy diet


Community Bees work closely with other local service providers, to ensure we can advise on relevant information and services available to further support our clients. We get referrals from the following organisations, but referrals do not come with funding.

We rely on community donations and grants to do all the work we do, supporting the most vulnerable in society and providing them with a lifeline of help and hope. Support us to help others. 

Need support? 

If you need advice and support personal to your circumstance please fill in our simple Application Form.

To talk about your needs, contact Michaela directly on 07772 107763

Support us to support others

The services we provide to prevent loneliness and social isolation, and to give people purpose and happiness can’t happen without donations. 
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