House & Garden Cleanups

Community Bees provides essential support to people to help them improve their living conditions, stay safe and enable them to continue to live independently.

Services include:  

  • Decluttering and tidying rooms to make them safe and pleasant to live in.
  • Cleaning and deep cleaning rooms to make them hygienic and a nice space to be in again.
  • Removal and replacement of ineffective equipment, such as refrigerators, for both safety and practical reasons. 
  • Taking items directly to the tip, or hiring skips, to get rid or rubbish and free up space.
  • Tidying gardens to make them less of a hazard and improve access
  • General garden maintenance to create a pleasant space for people to sit out and enjoy the fresh air in

Community Bees also offer direct advice and support to help people with everyday issues they may find difficult and enable them to continue to live safely and independently.

Sylvie’s Story: Read how we helped Sylvie declutter and clean up her house after years of hoarding creating a home she now enjoys.


Cecelia’s Story: Read how we helped Cecilia transform her garden, and her own wellbeing, when she was suffering with depression.

Need support with your house or garden? 

To get support with tidying, cleaning and decluttering your home or outdoor space, please fill in our simple Application Form.

To talk about your needs, contact Michaela directly on 07772 107763

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We rely on community donations and grants to support the most vulnerable in society and providing them with a lifeline of help and hope.
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