Craft Social Clubs

Our Craft Social Clubs are usually held on Fridays at St Lukes in Clifton and Wednesdays at Oaken Grove in Haxby where people get together over a cup of tea and enjoy a variety of craft activities in a friendly social group. 

Because of Covid-19, unfortunately our indoor Craft Social Clubs are on hold until further notice.

Outdoor Craft Activities  

During Covid-19 times we have adapted our service so people can now book a craft pack to be delivered directly to their door, or book a craft demonstration to be held in their garden with up to 4 of their friends with social distancing in place.

Alternatively Community Bees will bring a range of craft activities to a person’s garden and spend time with them getting crafty together.

Garden Chats 

We also offer Garden Chats whereby we come to a person’s garden, have a cup of tea with them and a chat and a laugh.

John & Maria’s Story: Read how we supported John & Maria during the pandemic, bringing them activities directly to them in their garden. Bringing them joy. 

Book your Outdoor Craft Activities or Garden Chat

If you require doorstep chats, garden chats or outdoor craft activities, please fill in our simple Application Form.

To talk about your needs, contact Michaela directly on 07772 107763

Clifton Craft Social Club

St Lukes, Clifton
Fridays, 10am – 12pm

Haxby Craft Social Club

Oaken Grove, Haxby 
Wednesdays, 1pm – 3pm

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